Opening Night

Please be aware that we reserve the right to reschedule or change venues, with ample warning, if the need should arise.

Opening Night Party/Social: The Somerville Armory

(Free admission for pass holders)

Omg, it’s a castle! This place looks like a castle! Our opening night party/social is taking place a little before Halloween and it’s going to be inside of what looks like a castle.

Halloween Party!

Come in costume! Do your best Zombie cosplay! Or wear a tux if you prefer, that’s totally appropriate for a film festival. Or, come in a t-shirt & jeans. This is your night so you celebrate it how you like, though we highly recommend you dress either for fun, to impress or both.

Wait. It gets better.

It’s a huge space, this Somerville Armory, which we’ll take full advantage of with tables and chairs but, there’s also a huge screen! It’s like a 16-foot-wide screen, right there where we’re having a party a little before Halloween. So…

Let’s screen some horror shorts!

And why not? It’ll be a little before Halloween, some of you at least will be in costume, fingers crossed, so why not seal the deal with some horror shorts? And although we don’t expect anything too graphic we’ll hold them off until the end, giving the squeamish an opportunity to schmooze for a few hours before hand.

NOTE: Unfortunately, like a lot of places with a liquor license, we’re not allowed to bring any drinks inside. They do have a cash bar (that also takes plastic) so you can imbibe if you want.

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