The Team

Brendan Egan, Director.

Brendan has amassed an impressive number of acting credits in both Hollywood level productions and local works, wrote and directed his own award winning student films and assumed the role of Director of a film festival, all before the age of 17. He’s not just a figure head, Brendan has taken on everything from posters to communications, and he personally created the Quarantine film category which turned out to be so popular this year.

We are so proud to have Clyde Younger as an advisor! Clyde is literally the father of Watertown Ma, having led the transition to a city government and serving as the first President of the governing council. From 1964 until 1989 Clyde served at the Center of Disease Control (CDC) where he held the title of Deputy Director, Division of Preventive Health Services, Regions 1 & 8. In the private sector he was a Burger King franchisee before entering the real estate & construction world.

Young, handsome & nerdy, David Nica was an early recruit to the festival. Unlike many of us he’s never known a time without internet! But he’s not all “Youthful Vigor.” David is multi lingual/multi cultural, offering his unique perspective to the team.

Program Coordinator here at the Screaming Ostrich, Tori Clay is a SAGAFTRA actress, musician, model & more. Tori Clay was, up to about four years ago, Vic Clay, a moderately successful actor, a veteran of about 70 film & 25 stage productions, coming close to making it big more than once. Transitioning hasn’t been a career enhancer, though Tori also has the distinction of being the first ever transgender female art model signed to an agency.

John McGuinness, Producer

A veteran of many a festival as either a volunteer, staff, filmmaker or crew, John’s greatest contribution to the Screaming Ostrich thus far has been the name. “I wanted something irreverent,” he explained.

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