The Team

We are so proud to have Clyde Younger as an advisor! Clyde is literally the father of Watertown Ma, having led the transition to a city government and serving as the first President of the governing council. From 1964 until 1989 Clyde served at the Center of Disease Control (CDC) where he held the title of Deputy Director, Division of Preventive Health Services, Regions 1 & 8. In the private sector he was a Burger King franchisee before entering the real estate & construction world.

Young, handsome & nerdy, David Nica was an early recruit to the festival. Unlike many of us he’s never known a time without internet! But he’s not all “Youthful Vigor.” David is multi lingual/multi cultural, offering his unique perspective to the team.

The multi-faceted Tori Clay is a SAGAFTRA actress, musician, model & more; all when she isn’t too busy administering Boston’s Screaming Ostrich Filmmaker’s Festival. Tori Clay was, up to about four years ago, Vic Clay, a moderately successful actor, a veteran of about 70 film & 25 stage productions, coming close to making it big more than once. As Tori Clay, a transgender female actress, auditions & roles have not been easy to get, despite the fact that her first stage role, at the beginning of her transition, was rated amongst the Top-10 performances in Boston for 2016 by the Boston Globe, eclipsing many big names. Tori also has the distinction of being the first ever transgender female art model signed to an agency.

Ned Scannell is a Boston area Producer & Director of 25 years, delivering an astonishing variety of movies and shorts with his SEARCHING FOR A FRIEND winning best short at the Shoe City Screens Film Festival in 2015. Collective Subconscious Productions, his core group, has produced 16 consecutive years of Boston 48 Hour Film Projects, the longest running team. Ned organizes and directs an average of 25 dedicated people to complete a film. 2018’s production PRINCIPLES was nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects and Best Catering (Ned’s Mom, Dona, for her Mac & Cheese). His largest feature production, The Color of Cannibals, a Zombedy about a 10-year old boy genius and a delusional Goth rocker saving the World from the Undead, screened for a lively premiere audience at the Gen Con Indy Film Festival.

John McGuinness is utterly brilliant, or so he says. “I’m so brilliant,” he explains, “That I sometimes catch myself wishing that I could be me.” He’s also a veteran of a number of local/indy films, produced a cable access series he occasionally tries to talk people into rebooting and spent countless hours at film festivals as staff/volunteer and as film maker/crew. In addition to being brilliant, that is.

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