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For most filmmakers & web producers getting their work accepted by a festival is a big deal, even in the case of a small festival such as ours. It’s a source of pride for them, this public recognition of their work, and it’s something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. You can write your business into that life, into their memories and everyone they share that moment with from here on in, if you’re one of our sponsors.

Sponsorship opportunities include:


Gift Cards

Printed Material



Event Space

If you ever watched the Oscars or any other big Hollywood event you probably noticed all the stars taking their turn in front of some backdrop with the event name and any sponsors printed on it. Those backdrops are called a “Step & Repeat,” and every photo taken in front of them & shared across social media, even if they’re just selfies, could have your business in it! You can write yourself into the permanent memories of our filmmakers & attendees.

Imagine “The Desoto Dealership Award for Best Cinematography.” Or the “Uncle Larry Murphy Award for Best Documentary.” If you sponsor an award at our festival you can name it after your business, a loved one or even yourself!  

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