Please be aware that we reserve the right to reschedule or change venues, with ample warning, should the need arise.

Our Opening Night Screening Will Take Place in Arlington’s Capitol Theatre

Everything is subject to change of course but, get this, we already put a non-refundable deposit down on a beautiful & spacious theater inside the vintage Capitol, in Arlington Massachusetts.

The theater itself seats over 90 people, with room for folding chairs if necessary. They sell beer & wine which means we’re not allowed to bring any but they will allow most any food so expect refreshment!

Our Venue #2: The Regent

A nostalgic treasure and our largest theater to date, The Regent’s history began with Vaudeville and hosted every screen legend during Hollywood’s Golden Age. And now, well, and now it can host your film! Like The Capitol it does serve beer & wine and did we mention that it’s haunted? It is!


We’re adding more venues, we actually already booked one other, so keep checking back for updates!

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