Main Theater/Closing Night

Please be aware that we reserve the right to reschedule or change venues, with ample warning, should the need arise. I personally consider this unlikely. Even if we received a substantially larger response from film makers than anticipated, we like the Capital and would want to keep it. We’d try to add another theater before giving up this one.

Our Main Screening Venue is Arlington’s Capital Theatre

The single most difficult, most time consuming, most frustrating job in starting a new film festival has to be booking the venues.


We knew from experience, going back years ago, that film makers want to be in theaters, real theaters. Lots of festivals use back rooms, basements & halls, including some pretty big named festivals, but if you want to make film makers happy you have to show their film inside of a theater. We knew this, we understood this and we set out to do just this.


We’re a new entity. We’re not expecting a massive turnout. I’ve been to well established film festivals when they had almost nobody show up for a screening and here we are, the new kids on the block, can we fill a large theater? And, can we even afford one? So we started to look for small theaters and, let me tell you, those are rare! We found a 90 seat, which was probably too big, but we couldn’t afford it. We found a 60 seat theater but we couldn’t book it. And then we found a 31 seat theater over in Somerville, which I’ve not only attended screenings at but had some of my own work screened there as well. It’s too small. And then in our Goldilocks moment we found this one:


And that space in the back? We can set up extra seats there, or use it for handicap access or move in tables if anyone wants to cater their screening! (We’re not allowed to bring in drinks but we can bring in food)

Q: “Yes, yes, yes but what if you do manage to attract a big audience?”

A: Quite frankly, that’s the opposite of a problem.


Closing nights at a film festival are usually much more low key than the other nights. We’d still recommend that everybody dress for either fun or success, if not both, but “Totally Casual” is very common. Our closing night party/social is currently scheduled to take place within the offices of Encuentro 5. They are located at 9a Hamilton Place, Boston Ma. It’s right off of Tremont Street, across from the Common, steps from the Park Street MBTA station which all sounds good but, the building is not handicap accessible. It’s not Encuentro 5’s fault, they’re renters themselves, but it does mean that there’s always the possibility that we will be relocating.

NOTE: On the bright side, they’ll let us bring in both food & drink!

Winning films will be announced at the closing night party/social

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