Best Documentary

Kristin Herby, “Stewy Baby a Dogumentary.”

Best Picture (Narrative)

Patrick T. Gahlen, “Requiem for a Crab.”

Best International Film

Dekel Berenson, “Anna”

Best Web Media

Josh Callahan, “Procedural Justice”

Best Performer

Caleb Harris, “Doors”

Best Music Video

Charlie Norton, “Lose You to Love Me”

Best Animation

Ho Kwon Kim, “Division Series”

Best Horror

Edward Hong, “Make a Wish”

Best Screenplay

Gabriel Jones, “Short Sighted”

Best Covid19 Quarantine Film

Neil Murphy, “The Killing of Time”

Honorable Mention

Tzvia Lorusso, “To Call Her or Not.” Alex Feldman, “The Selftape.” Romy Palan, “Head Space.”

Special Thanks

Chet Turner, “Paying Up” and “Amy.”

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