Scifi: John Gray, “Welcome to Forever”

Horror: Gaelen Draper, “Streamer Stalker”

Film Narrative: Eric Carosella “A Tale of Redemption and Regret With Sunny the Heat.”

Covid19 (Quarantine Edition): Jennifer Msumba “The Fish Don’t Care When It Rains”

Student Film: Hayden Howe “Nesting Grounds”

Documentary: Dan Sadgrove “Garage Romantic”

Feature Film: Hisashi Kikuchi “Stand Strong”

The Mick Cusimano Award for Outstanding Animation/Art Film:

Pablo G Herrero “Encased”

Music Video

Byron Jacomo “It Takes a Little Time”


Cody Chandler “Being Young Men”


Hal Lacroix, “Leaf Blower Armageddon”

Lawrence Whitener, “One Man Army”

Madhu R, “Death Offers Life – last moments of Vincent Van Gogh”

Honorable Mention

Ilena Finocchi, “Creatures in my House.” Edsta, “Take the Vax.” Nick Burns, “Last Time at Liam’s.” W. Trent Welstead “Lockdown Lust.” Brandon L. Wilson, “Gaydream.” Julie Destefano, “Mindful Dating.” Josh Funk, “The Fuzzies.” Deborah Slater, Mark Leialoha, “My Life Was the Size of My Life.” Jack Getschman, “A Journey to the Moon.” Jack Stockley, “Purgatory.” Susan Shulman, “Pulp Fishin’.” Sheila Ivy Traister, “When Life Resumes.”  Julien Surdeau, “Alterify.” Ryan Orejarena, “Cutting Room Floor.” Richard Marx, “Absence.” Pedro de la Llave, “Behind the Glass.”  Joe Lueben, “Another Father.” Nicolas P. Villarreal, “On/Off.” Giles Sander, “Soiled Shorts: The Series.” Edwin Caminho, “Did I have covid?” Alexandros Zarbis, “Happy Moments.” Helmut-Michael Kemmer, Andreas Ortner, “Change of Course.” Jim Allison, “Fools, Gold.” Janice Derosier, “The Next Stop.” Pat Battistini, Robert Francke, “Bandwidth.” Russell Brown, “The 44 Scarves of Liza Minnelli.” Michael Bihovsky, “Paperweight” (music video). Kyle Bahl, “I Think He Knew” (music video). Sierra Blanco, “Avalon Farms Academy” (screenplay).


Best Documentary

Kristin Herby, “Stewy Baby a Dogumentary.”

Best Picture (Narrative)

Patrick T. Gahlen, “Requiem for a Crab.”

Best International Film

Dekel Berenson, “Anna”

Best Web Media

Josh Callahan, “Procedural Justice”

Best Performer

Caleb Harris, “Doors”

Best Music Video

Charlie Norton, “Lose You to Love Me”

Best Animation

Ho Kwon Kim, “Division Series”

Best Horror

Edward Hong, “Make a Wish”

Best Screenplay

Gabriel Jones, “Short Sighted”

Best Covid19 Quarantine Film

Neil Murphy, “The Killing of Time”

Honorable Mention

Tzvia Lorusso, “To Call Her or Not.” Alex Feldman, “The Selftape.” Romy Palan, “Head Space.”

Special Thanks

Chet Turner, “Paying Up” and “Amy.”

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