Screaming Ostrich International Film Festival


OCTOBER 21, 2022: Opening Night Social, Watertown MA. October22-23, WEST NEWTON CINEMA

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The world owes you 15 minutes of fame. It’s time for you to collect.

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About the Screaming Ostrich Film Festival

When it comes to film festivals they all claim to be different. But, well, we’re different! We’re perhaps the first film festival to look ahead at what artists will accomplish instead of behind at what they’ve done in the past.

“2020 was the year from Hell!” And we thought 2019 was tough but, we did it. We held a festival. Most did not. Most cancelled or went online but we were determined to have a festival. Nobody dreams of seeing their film on a labtop or phone, everyone wants their work to play on a big screen in an actual theater and we were going to do that. A global health crisis, quarantine, the resulting economic crisis and all the social unrest but, we stayed on course. we held our festival. We put films on a screen in two different theaters.

Photos still coming in! Check for frequent updates!

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